Your powder coating line: now revolutionized with the best equipment in the industry

Get the most respected brands of powder-coating equipment under one roof

The best equipements make the best paint systems

Liquid2Powder offers a full line of advanced powder-coating equipments from a selection
of brands that we know first hand to deliver day in and day out.

No matter what job you need to do, we have the productivity-enhancing tools you are looking for.

Surface Preparation Equipment

Tell us what needs to be painted – manually or with an automated system – and we are sure to have the solution you’re looking for.

Wash Bay

Implementation Booth

Paint Booth

Paint Application

Powder or liquid, no matter where you are with your painting process, manual, automated or robotic, we have a solution.

Powder Application Devices

Top Coat Paint Guns

Liquid Paint Guns


Batch, continuous, dry off, burn off ovens or IR solutions, we have you covered.

Batch Oven Implementation

GFS Batch Oven

Oven & Heat Diffuser


Looking to improve your efficiency, do more with your staff, and/or reduce the risk of injuries, we have a complete line of products from manual conveyors, semi-continuous, continuous, and power & free. We also have different equipment to lift and help your staff to hook and unhook your parts.

Paint conveyor

Paint conveyor

Paint conveyor

Discover our prestigious equipment partners


Whether you’re looking for a complete system or just a small batch powder coating operation to add to your existing paint system, we have you covered with the best equipment and advices.

Experience the difference that only true powder coating expert can make

Proficiency is only a small part of exceeding your expectations: our attitude, approach, and work ethic make a world of difference.
This combination, along with representing the best brands, has helped us deliver cutting-edge paint lines all across North America.